Anti-runaway cat harness Basic Orange


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For the walk, for the comfort of your cat, the harness offers great security. The cat is well kept. When he pulls, the force is not on the animal’s neck but on its body and thorax. Your cat feels more free, the harness is especially more comfortable when it goes in one direction and starts to pull.

Poorly fitted, some collars can injure the cat’s neck and trachea. The Red Dingo Pack is a good attachment system for your cat. Adjustable around the chest and belly, your cat won’t feel any discomfort.

The matching leash attaches with a carabiner directly to the back ring of the harness.

Harness and leash RED DINGO BASIC for cat color ORANGE
Pack including HARNESS + LEASH for high quality nylon cat
Adjustable harness around the chest and belly
Adapts to the millimeter to your cat
1.20 m leash, supplied with the harness
Unique size
Orange color


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